Advertising in the MetaGuide Magazines
will help your business grow!

Advertising in our magazines has always offered unique access to large groups of targeted wholesale buyers of a huge variety of products, and this is true today more than ever.  What has changed is the fact that these wholesale buyers are, more and more, part of the mainstream marketplace: the boundaries between metaphysical and mainstream are blending, and the readership for our content and our advertising has expanded.

Published twice a year .. 2 Unique ways to reach wholesale buyers
• In January, the MetaGuide to Tucson for the Jewelry, Mineral, Gem and Fossil Shows. Connecting you with buyers from all over the world and the US.
In September, the Fall Buyers Guide. Distribution to the buyers at the Denver Gem and Mineral Shows.

Digital Editions Available all year. Starting with this years Fall Buyers Guide, long after the Denver and Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows are over, wholesale buyers can also connect with you using direct links to your website provided on your advertisement page in the Online online version of the MetaGuide Magazine.

Advertising in our magazines gets results. We know this because over 75% of our advertisers repeat their ads, and because we get comments like this all the time:  “Advertising in these magazines works for me better than anything else I’ve tried”, says Bob Isaac, owner, Ceridwen’s Magical and New Age Supplies. 

Our advertisers have great success, not only with gems, minerals and jewelry but with books, music, clothing, giftware, sculptures, art, sage, oils, incense, tools, event promotions, services, tours and a host of other offerings.  Plus, buyers use us for a source of reliable vendors that they can count on for ordering year-round.

The basic benefits of advertising in our magazines are still the same, like:
    • Our great LOW advertising rates (the lowest cost-per-contact rates in the industry)
    • Publishing at peak buying times, so buyers see your ad when they are ready to buy
    • Readers keep copies for use year round as a valuable resource for information and to find new suppliers
    • Maintaining our appeal to affluent wholesale buyers, both from the US and other countries, catalog companies, television marketers, service practitioners and online marketers
    • Free web links to your website for the 12 months following publication 
    • Every issue is available online and past issues are archived, as well as being online prior to the print version, giving buyers additional time to find your ad and plan their show visits
    • Continued focus as a Show Guide so buyers can find you at Tucson and Denver
    • The best distribution of Guides at both the shows: we keep our racks stocked!

And we have added some benefits that we expect to boost advertising response:  
    • Expanded content to become even more relevant to our readership (and more effective for YOU, our advertisers)
    • Internet based stores are mushrooming, so we expanded our web offerings to appeal to buyers for web stores and have added them to our list

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